i like you again, and i know you like(d) me. and that’s cool. idk i just really like your mind and how you look and how you make me feel. even if you still piss me off, you’re worth it. and i saw that post you made the other week, and if it was about me, then yes. i say let’s go for it because i pretty much adore you. If it’s too late, that’s okay. That’s why i love our relationship so much. We don’t have to pretend, and we recognize our mistakes. sorry i push you away at school doe. i was just trying to figure it all out. now, I know.

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Even if it seems like I’m pushing you away or I do not care for you, I will always be there. Don’t forget that.

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I think I fill my calendar and life up so much because I don’t want to have time to be alone and think. I don’t want to feel the loneliness or the sadness or feels. I just want to go and go and go so that I don’t have to think and wallow in my fears.

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